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Highlander & Queen of Swords Episode Transcripts:
Highlander transcripts include filming locations, Eurominutes, and Shooting Script changes.
Since QoS *does* have Methos AND Kronos, the episodes with Dr. Helm are
basically "Queen of Swords: The Methos Chronicles."

Episode Screencaps

screencaps and filming location info

Location Photos

Vancouver location photos from 2014-15.
20 years later, how much of Seacouver is still there?


HLWW10 convention

- 'The Gathering' in Los Angeles, 2017

Endgame Review

Endgame review

- I saw Highlander: Endgame with a friend - here's the result.


Photos Page

- Duncan and Methos, plus a Bush/Gore election spoof created by yours truly



Bellchant Music - Roger Bellon
Highlander: Endgame trailers (YouTube)
Jinjifore's Highlander Synopses - episode transcripts

Methos / Peter Wingfield

MacMINT Asylum (Wing 1, Ward 6, Padded Cell #52)
Peter Wingfield Fan Club (PWFC)
Adam Pierson's homepage
Methos Chronicles - transcripts of every Methos scene from every Methos episode
IMDb - Peter Wingfield - filmography & guest appearances
Wingfield Watchers

Fanfiction - on a separate page HERE.

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