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TOS (original series)

Kirk/Spock Fanfiction Archive
- Rabble Rouser
             A Good Look in the Mirror 11/10 (AO3)
                        ~ backhistory of Mirror-universe Kirk
- UKJess
             Lost and Found 11/12
                        ~ after being kidnapped by Romulans, Kirk is accused of treason

NEXT GEN (tng)

The Gossamer Project
             Julia Kosatka (& Kellie Matthews-Simmons)
                        -In the Dark (X-F/Hlr/tng crossover)
                                   ~ M&S investigate beheadings, Duncan meets Guinan
                                    at Joe's and again on the Enterprise (DM/G)

Kevin Robnett
             1. A Dish Served Cold (Highlander X) 8/10 (AO3)
                        - RR aboard the USS Intrepid
             2. Finding Yourself (Highlander X) 8/10 (AO3)
                        - RR reunites with DM to investigate Iconian relics.
                        (What's up with the Iconian/Stargate Ancient parallel?)


Arvy - Futures Past: X-F/Hlr/Forever Knight/Star Trek x-over
            Chronologic order: 1-7, 10, 9, 11, 8
      ~ Scully's cancer makes her Immortal & Mulder's
             Immortality is triggered by a vampire attack

The Gossamer Project
             Ecolea - Future Winnings: 1-5 (X-F crossover) 8/10
                        -Voyager rescues Mulder from 300-year stasis on alien ship

REBOOT (2009)
(note: mv = story occurring during 1st the movie)


7/10 Christina TM The Good Shepherd
            - (mv) follows Pike at end of movie

7/10 ggo85 Complications
            - (mv) McCoy tends to Pike after his rescue from Nero

7/10 Ginger Ninja First Aid
            - (mv) McCoy patches Jim up after bar brawl at the Academy
7/10 Plant Life
            - mission to planet of sentient plants
7/10 Prelude
            - (mv) follows JK between bar fight and enlisting
7/10 Roommates
            - (mv) JK crashes in McCoy's quarters after Nero

7/10 Jedi Buttercup So Called Chaos series
1. The Press of Duty
2. Pressing the Point
3. Pressing Sail
4. Relieving Pressure
5. But Not Jim Kirk
6. The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
            - (mv) missing scenes on the trip back to Earth after Nero

8/10 Kodiak Bear Country A New Day
            - Kirk's 1st mission after Nero
11/10 Long Day
            - (mv) Kirk during trip back to Earth

11/10 Kristen Elizabeth The Opposite of Logic
            - Spock leaves Ent, unaware that Uhura's pregnant

11/10 KuryakinGirl For the Best
            - Why McCoy ended up in Starfleet

9/11 Lanaea Getting to Know You
            - Kirk realizes something about Spock

6/11 leechi nut Brothers
            - (mv) character study: Bones is the brother Jim never had

11/10 Magnolia Mama At a Window
            - (mv) Uhura during trip back to Earth

6/11 outtabreath How to Get the Vulcan You Want in Six Easy Steps
            - (mv) How Spock ended up with Uhura

9/11 robertxgillis Missing Shatner Scene
            - (mv) Silly scene of Spock-Prime's recording of Kirk-Prime

3/14 seren23 1. The Feeling of Being in Motion Again
            - (mv) Christine Chapel at academy w/McCoy et al.
3/14 2. Standing in the Doorway
            - post-mv, McC/Chapel, crazy scientist experiments on Ent coworkers
3/14 3. The World Throws Its Light
            - final in series, Chapel kidnapped during mission

5/12 shoreleave CMO Confidential AO3
            - (mv) Kirk has some issues to resolve before he can be a captain.


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