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TOS (original series)

Kirk/Spock Fanfiction Archive
- Rabble Rouser
             A Good Look in the Mirror 11/10
                        ~ backhistory of Mirror-universe Kirk
- UKJess
             Lost and Found 11/12
                        ~ after being kidnapped by Romulans, Kirk is accused of treason

NEXT GEN (tng)

The Gossamer Project
             Julia Kosatka (& Kellie Matthews-Simmons)
                        -In the Dark (X-F/Hlr/tng crossover)
                                   ~ M&S investigate beheadings, Duncan meets Guinan
                                    at Joe's and again on the Enterprise (DM/G)

Kevin Robnett
             1. A Dish Served Cold (Star Trek X) 8/10
                        - RR aboard the USS Intrepid
             2. Finding Yourself (Star Trek X) 8/10
                        - RR reunites with DM to investigate Iconian relics.
                        (What's up with the Iconian/Stargate Ancient parallel?)


Arvy - Futures Past: X-F/Hlr/Forever Knight/Star Trek x-over
            Chronologic order: 1-7, 10, 9, 11, 8
      ~ Scully's cancer makes her Immortal & Mulder's
             Immortality is triggered by a vampire attack

The Gossamer Project
             Ecolea - Future Winnings: 1-5 (X-F crossover) 8/10
                        -Voyager rescues Mulder from 300-year stasis on alien ship

REBOOT (2009)
(note: mv = story occurring during the movie)
             - Christina TM
                        The Good Shepherd 7/10
                           ~ (mv) follows Pike at end of movie
             - ggo85
                        Complications 7/10
                           ~ (mv) McCoy tends to Pike after his rescue from Nero
             - Ginger Ninja
                        First Aid 7/10
                           ~ (mv) McCoy patches Jim up after bar brawl at the Academy
                        Plant Life 7/10
                           ~ mission to planet of sentient plants
                        Prelude 7/10
                           ~ (mv) follows JK between bar fight and enlisting
                        Roommates 7/10
                           ~ (mv) JK crashes in McCoy's quarters after Nero
             - Jedi Buttercup
                        1. The Press of Duty 7/10
                        2. Pressing the Point 7/10
                        3. Pressing Sail 7/10
                        4. Relieving Pressure 7/10
                        5. But Not Jim Kirk 7/10
                        6. The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time 7/10
                           ~ (mv) missing scenes on the trip back to Earth after Nero
             - Kodiac Bear Country
                        A New Day 8/10
                           ~ Kirk's 1st mission after Nero
                        Long Day 11/10
                           ~ (mv) Kirk during trip back to Earth
             - Kristen Elizabeth
                        The Opposite of Logic 11/10
                           ~ Spock leaves Ent, unaware that Uhura's pregnant
             - KuryakinGirl
                        For the Best 11/10
                           ~ Why McCoy ended up in Starfleet
             - Lanaea
                        Getting to Know You 9/11
                           ~ Kirk realizes something about Spock
             - leechi nut
                        Brothers 6/11
                           ~ (mv) character study: Bones is the brother Jim never had
             - Magnolia Mama
                        At a Window 11/10
                           ~ (mv) Uhura during trip back to Earth
             - outtabreath
                        How to Get the Vulcan You Want in Six Easy Steps 6/11
                           ~ (mv) How Spock ended up with Uhura
             - robertxgillis
                        Missing Shatner Scene 9/11
                           ~ (mv) Silly scene of Spock-Prime's recording of Kirk-Prime
             - seren23
                        1. Feeling of Being in Motion 3/14
                           ~ (mv) Christine Chapel at academy w/McCoy et al.
                        2. Standing in the Doorway 3/14
                           ~ post-mv, McC/Chapel, crazy scientist experiments on Ent coworkers
                        3. The World Throws Its Light 3/14
                           ~ final in series, Chapel kidnapped during mission
             - shoreleave
                        CMO Confidential 5/12
                           ~ (mv) Kirk has some issues to resolve before he can be a captain.


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