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I was in a weird mood that day . . .

Regarding the content of the stories - These stories are mostly slash and/or deserving of an R-NC17 rating.

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sgamadison - The Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come 1/17 (AO3)
            (SGA x-over) Rodney is a detective in NYC; John is a mystery novel writer. On Christmas Eve, McKay catches the flu and has a series of dreams/visions. (no Stargate)

DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN (books by Anne McCaffrey)

Archive Of Our Own (AO3)
            - Icarus - Dragonlord*restricted - log in to view 8/16
                           (SGA x-over) Benden heir John unexpectedly Impresses a dragon. (John/Rodney)
            - Sorka - Turn Upon a Dragon's Wing*restricted - log in to view 4/03
                           (Sentinel x-over) J&B are dragonriders


ami_ven - Take My Love 8/16 (AO3)
            (SGA x-over) Rodney hires a Companion (John). (no Stargate)


Tenaya's Tantilizing Tales (AO3)
            1. Tainted Love, 2. Secrets of Darkened Hearts 10/08
                           (Hlr x-over) DM/M, M/LaCroix
                           ~ LaCriox comes for M, to feed and to remember


puddleofgoo - Divergent Paths: Glimpses of the Future 12/16 (AO3)
            (SGA x-over, John/Rodney) McKay, a billionaire scientist living on the Isle of Mann, needs a pilot.
(FYI, taking a 6-wk-old kitten to Hawaii is impossible IRL, due to their strict imiport requirements. Also, pet microchips aren't GPS-capable.)


Secret Diaries - pervy hobbit-fanciers unite!

MATRIX (movie)

Legion - Reset 4/03 (AO3R)
            (Sentinel x-over) B is aware when Matrix resets


LadyRa - Four Military Men 10/16 (AO3)
            (SGA/Sentinel x-over) an invite to their 20-yr high school reunion reunites Tony with his geek friends Rodney, Daniel, and Blair. (Gibbs/Tony, John/Rodney, Jack/Daniel, Jim/Blair)

LitGal - Not in Kansas Anymore series (SGA x-over)12/16 (AO3)
            1. Lions and Tigers and Igigi, Oh My
                           - Tony had never heard of goa'uld or tok'ra or igigi, and he sure as hell hadn't known Gibbs had a passenger riding around in his head.
            2. Lions and Igigi and Wraith, Oh My
                           - Tony, Gibbs, and Samas are part of the Atlantis expedition.
            3. Lions and Guides and Igigi, Oh My
                           - Atlantis must prepare for the possibility of Earth falling to the Ori.
            4. Lions, and Boyfriends, and Beds, Oh My
                           - relationship vignettes during a brief respite from trouble on Atlantis. (John/Rodney, Gibbs/Samas/Tony, Weir/Ladon Radim, Radek/OFC, Anne Teldy/OFC, Lorne/Abby)
            5. Lions and Plots and Ancestors, Oh My
                           - Atlantis' AI is acknowledged, John gets a bit glowy, & Todd has a plan for the Wraith.
            6. Lions and Tigers and Snippets
                           - Meanwhile, in the Milky Way galaxy....

Xanthe - BDSM series 8/16 (AO3)
            1. The Colonel & Dr. Sheppard - (SGA only) an Ancient device pulls a John & Rodney from a BDSM universe onto Atlantis
            2. Coming Home - (SGA only) how BDSM J & R got together
            3. Hiding in Plain Sight - (NCIS x-over) NCIS visits Atl to solve a series of murders
            4. The First Collar - (NCIS only) how Tony joined Gibbs' team


The Last Measure of Devotion by Sue Walker (Sam/Al) 8/06
                           Al sacrifices everything to bring Sam home

Legion - Storm Signs Trilogy (Sentinel x-over, Sam/Al) 1/06
            1. Storm Signs (AO3R)
            2. Eye of the Storm (AO3R)
            3. Facing the Storm (AO3R)
                       ~ Sam (as himself) rights a wrong for J&B
            4. From Simon Banks' Incredible Tales by Toshua (AO3)
                           ~ missing scene from 'Storm Signs'
            5. Panther Tales by saraid (AO3)
                           ~ The original story, if you're interested (no QL)

SHERLOCK (Downey movies)

sgamadison - A Lesson in Evil 8/16 (AO3)
            (SGA x-over) AR-1 chases a Wraith across dimensions, gets unexpected help (Watson's PoV)

WATERWORLD (Costner movie)

Tarlan - The Lonely Sea 3/17 (AO3)
            (SGA x-over) The Ori destroy Earth by melting the polar icecaps.


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