DISCLAIMERS: Regarding the stories suggested on this page -
I liked them when I read them, so if they suck just assume
I was in a weird mood that day . . .

Adult stories, including slash, can be found HERE.

NOTE: I have most of these stories archived as plain 'txt' files.
If you would like one or more sent to you,
please let me know: cjspratt at

Eliezer Yudowsky (Less Wrong) 6/17
            Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
            ~ Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres is raised by his Aunt Petunia and her physics professor husband.

Wolfie Twins - Call of the Wild
            ~ Remus' adventures before book 3

Paradigms of Uncertainty (yahoo group - must become a member, which is free)
            1. A Sirius Affair (Carole)
                           ~ follows Sirius, 4 years after the books (canon thru HP3)
            Cookie: A Sirius Christmas (Carole)
                           ~ between ASA & PoU
            2. HP and the Paradigm of Uncertainty (Lori)
                           ~ Harry, Hermione, et al, 5 years after ASA
            Cookie: Crossing the Line (Lori)
                           ~ during PoU chapter 8 (adult-rated)
            3. HP and the Show That Never Ends (Lori)
                           ~ Harry is kidnapped & returns a bit insane
            4. A Sirius Change (Carole)
                           ~ concurrent with start of STNE
            ASC: This Is How It Happens (Carole)
                           ~ after chapter 4, supplement
            Cookie: Someday (Lori)
                           ~ Harry & Hermione's actual first time
            5. The Hero With a Thousand Faces (Lori)
                           ~ This is PERMANENTLY UNFINISHED,
                           but the author does tell us how it would have ended.

            Cookie: Nuestro Pequeno Secreto (Lori)
                           ~ after HwTF chapter 8, salsa dancing in California
            Cookie: Caveat Emptor (Lori)
                           ~ 2017 - pregnant Hermione on bedrest
            Cookie: A Theory of Letters (Lori)
                           ~ 2031 - Hermione is away on a mission
            Cookie: All Things Considered (Lori)
                           ~ 2035 - a quiet evening in the Potter household


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